Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mars Warhound No.5011- TBD, TBD

Certificate Number: 5011
Titan Name: TBD
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warhound
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: Vulcan Mega Bolter and Plasma Blastgun
Princeps: TBD
Titan Legio: TBD
Battle Maniple Composition: 

Owner: Emperygen Commotio Retinae
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Comments:  My affiliations are undecided.  As of now I have a generous-sized Mechanicus war host--also affiliation undecided.  The plan is to create a complete maniple and war host in an original colour scheme (unknown forge world).  Backstory in progress.



As Commotio put it- "Ya gotta start somewhere"

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Update MRT1980- 16-9-17

Synge had some good news to share with TOC recently:

"The Reaver is pretty completely built and has started receiving its colours. I have chosen to paint it up as Legio Mortis (the Warlord will be as well), names for the engines and princeps are still undecided. 

With the build for the Reaver I tried something different for the pinning. I used timber screws, wall plugs and epoxy glue to pin the shoulders to the torso and the waist together. This works rather well, as long as the hole for the wall plug is the right size, i.e. if the packaging for the wall plug says 5mm, drill a 5mm hole, don't be tempted to make the hole bigger, its meant to be a snug fit and will require a gentle tap with a hammer to get into place. Also the top piece of resin that the head of the screw is touching, should have a hole that is smaller than the thread width of the screw (approximately the diameter of the shaft without thread), this allows the screw to bite into the top piece and increase the strength of the bond. 

I also used the wall plug and screws to fix the titan to its base and for the shoulder connections to the arms, however the screws aren't glued in for either of these applications as I want to be able to remove the legs from the base for storage and also ease of painting. With the shoulders I have not permanently fixed them in case I decide that I want a power fist or close combat weapon. 

A word of warning for anyone that considers using the screw and wall plug method, I recommend using a hand driver to screw in the screws as the heads of the screws are easily stripped and also  over tightening can cause fractures in the resin (from testing the assembly process on the excess resin that comes with the titan).

When I finished building the Reaver I put it next to already completed (well not really it still needs weathering) Stompa and was surprised at how small the Stompa is compared to the Reaver."


Screws and magnets make for a versatile and strong build.

More inventive solutions to the great modeling problems.

Into the Rite of Colours!

And the Rite of Battle!

After a hard fought battle, the Rite of Colours resumes.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Ta'unar Supremacy Armor 1- KX139-01, Fal'Shia Sept

Certificate Number: N/A
Titan Name: KX139-01
Pattern: KX139 Ta'unar Supremacy Armour
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: 2x Tri-axis Ion Cannon, Pulse Ordnance Multi-driver 
Princeps: Cadre Commander Dark Star
Titan Legio: Sept World Fal'Shia

Battle Maniple Composition: 2x KX139 Ta'unar Supremacy Armour, 2x Tiger Shark AX-1-0,  Manta Missile Destroyer Dropship
Owner: Jonathan M.
Location: Maryland, USA



A very beautiful kit and build, dwarving even the Stormsurge.

Very well done colors as we've come to expect from Jonathan.

And of course the basing.

Great start thus far!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Warlord Titan No.485- Lightbringer, Legio Praesidium

Certificate Number: 485
Titan Name: Lightbringer
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warlord
Head Unit: Lucius-Alpha
Primary Armament: Double Belicosa pattern volcano cannons and two turbo laser destroyers 
Princeps: Percival Mengsk
Titan Legio: Legio Praesidium
Battle Maniple Composition: MRT1980

Owner: Garrette G.
Location: Georgia, USA
Comments: My engine is currently in the process of final painting. It will be a very bold white paint job with gold trim. I wanted the Warlord to not just be dominating the landscape but to be so bright that everyone can’t help but look at it.



A lot of the engine is ready to roll and the paint is all that's left.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Warlord Leg Build- Phase I

Today we're releasing the build tutorial on the Warlord legs early at the request of one of the TOC members.  Phase I of the Mars Pattern Warlord legs is now yours to enjoy.

This tutorial assumes that you've already cleaned the release agent from the parts as well as removed the gates and flash.  

Materials Needed:

  • Super glue
  • JB Weld (optional)
  • Q-tips
  • Hand drill or Dremel tool with drill bits
  • Drill
  • 1" screws

Step 1: Use the Dremel to create pin holes for metal rod or tubing (of your size choice) to connect the waist and the hips.  If you are planning to have some pinning material connect the thighs to the hip, don't make these particular pins too long.  Use JB Weld to connect these parts as this is one of the most critical load bearing joints of the Warlord.


Step 2: Follow the same process for the Titan's knees and set aside the piston rings for the hips.  Do not glue these rings to the Titan.

Step 3: Glue the leg armor pins into place on the completed knee assembly.  Super glue could be used here (and helps to get a quick set), but JB Weld is also acceptable.

Step 4:  Drill holes and pin the toes to the feet of the Warlord.  Use JB Weld at these joints if desired or the pose makes it necessary.  If the feet are to be flat to the ground, super glue is acceptable as the foot pad takes the vast bulk of the Titan's weight.


Step 5: Drill pilot holes into the bottom of the foot pad if you plan to use screws for structural stability at the ankle.  Pilot holes can also be drilled at the knee and thigh.  You then attach the knee and the thigh together using JB Weld and a 1" long screw that has the threads coated in JB Weld as well.  This allows you an extremely powerful "pin" as well as increased JB Weld surface for bonding.  While screwing the parts together, the angles of the parts can also be adjusted early on.  Use flat headed screws so that they will sit flush.  Cracked resin can be scraped away and repaired with green stuff and the screw head can be hidden as well.

This completes Phase I of the Warlord Titan's leg build.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Update Warhound No. 2764 Canticum Malitiae, 05/09/17

Hi all

Here is my second Warhound finished; Canticum Malitae.

Canticum Malitiae is the Ying to Seething Hunter's Yang. A patient hunter, ready and prepared to stalk her prey to the end of the world. She will shred the voids of their target whilst Seething Hunter belligerently goes for the throat and hounds the victim. 

 Canticum Malitiae and Seething Hunter

 Canticum Malitiae is shield stripper and gut puncher with her armament

The Banner I am incredibly happy with, as mentioned before, join Titan Owners Club and register a Mortis engine and I would be happy to get a banner made up for you.

Thanks for following my progress

Titan Owners Club

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Update Warhound No. 2762 Seething Hunter, 03/09/17

Seething Hunter is now finished!!

Seething Hunter is known for her temperament. She has a bellicose spirit, just like her Princeps Jani Filmak. Quick to temper and slow to give up a grudge, Seething Hunter will stalk her prey and enact her wrath upon her foe, as though she were a Battle Titan, not a scout class. This results Seething Hunter often being recovered from the field of battle by rescue barques and Secutarii recovery teams, but more often they will find her atop the corpse of a larger engine. This is often facilitated by Canticum Malitiae as a shield stripper.

Seething Hunter marches!!

 I completed the banners a short while ago and am pleased with the results.

 Seething Hunter with her twin Canticum Malitiae.

 A powerful engine and ready to deal death.

Thanks for following my progress.

Titan Owners Club